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ESIC Bylaws

The Egyptian Society for Infection Control

Article 1:  Name and Seal
Section 1. Name
The name of this organization is the Egyptian Society for Infection Control, hereafter referred to as ESIC.
Article 2: Purpose and Goals
Section 1. Purpose
ESIC’s purpose is to improve health by serving the needs and aims common to all disciplines that are united by infection control and epidemiology activities.
Section 2. Goals
  A.   To promote a culture of infection control in the community
  B.   To participate with stakeholders in preparing medical staff capable of implementing and monitoring infection control programs in health facilities
  C.   To enhance networking regionally and globally to achieve patient safety and ensure the quality of health services. 
 Article 3:  Membership
Section 1. Privileges
  A. Categories
  1. Active Membership
    Active Members shall be individuals occupationally or professionally involved in the practice and management of infection control. Such members may vote in elections, serve on committees, and hold elected office.
  2. Associate Membership
    Associate Members shall be individuals who do not fulfill requirements for active membership, but who ESIC sees fit to include as members. Such members may not vote or hold elected office.
  3. Honorary Membership
    This shall be awarded to individuals who offer outstanding support to ESIC, whether financial or moral. Honorary Members may not vote or hold elected office
  C. Membership Renewals
  1. Membership shall be based on the calendar year.
  2. Honorary membership shall be valid until revoked or terminated by the Board of Directors.  
 Section 2. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.
Section 3. Dues
  A. Membership
  1. Dues for each calendar year shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
  2. All dues shall be remitted according to Board policy.
  3. Membership cards shall be issued contingent upon receipt of current dues.  
Section 4. Termination
  A. If the dues of any member are not paid for 6 months following the beginning of the fiscal year, membership may be terminated, provided the member is informed of the due payments during the first 4 months of the fiscal year.
  B. Any member may be removed by the Board of Directors, whenever, in its judgment, the best interests of the Society would be served thereby.
Article 4: Meetings:
Section 1. Meetings
  A. Annual Meetings
The annual meeting of this society shall be held in conjunction with the annual conference, or at such time as directed by the Board of Directors.
Article 5: Board:
Section 1. Composition:
9 active members shall constitute the Board of Directors.
Section 2. Term:
The Board will serve a term of 6 years. One third of the Board shall be renewed by elections every 2 years. After the 6-year term, the General Assembly shall be invited to elect a new Board.
Section 3:
The Board elects the officers (president, Vice-president, Treasurer, and Secretary) during their first meeting after election.
Article 6: Official Publication  
Section 1. Official Publication
A. The official publication of ESIC shall be the Egyptian Journal of Medical Laboratory Sciences.



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