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ESIC Message

Message of Society:

Promoting a culture of infection control in the community and participating with stakeholders in preparing medical staff capable of implementing and monitoring infection control programs in health facilities, and networking regionally and globally to achieve patient safety and ensure the quality of health services.

Objectives of Society:
Awaring doctors, assisting medical teams and public of the importance of infection control.

Study and develop infection control programs and participate in monitoring application in order to avoid waste of resources and efforts and to achieve a reduction of infection transmission from person to person, the elimination of environmental contamination of equipments and supplies, and work to reach the standard environmental level.

Study and contribute to the development of policy and detailed programs for infection control in coordination with the executive stakeholders.

Contributing to the formation of infection control committees, and identification of priorities and choice of methods and coordinate the necessary measures for infection control in all different ways, including press releases and various conferences and training courses for all workers in this area , in collaboration with all concerned and specialized stakeholders.

Study and prepare infection control programs to be included in the curriculum for medical students and postgraduate doctors, schools and institutes and colleges of nursing.

Coordination with all stakeholders involved in combating environmental pollution, to take all preventive measures.

Development of professional skills and continuing medical education for members of the Society to support achievement of  objectives of the Society.
Adopt the slogan Infection Control is Health for All.

Subscription in scientific journals and provide various scientific and educational means to members of the Society.

Dispatch members to conferences and specialized training courses inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Host scientists and experts in the field of infection control from outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Raise the awareness of infection control practices and how to maintain the health and environment between different groups in community.
 Regional and international participation for scientific benefit and exchange of experiences and cooperation by organizing scientific conferences and training courses in the field of infection control.

Establishing a scientific library and printing scientific periodicals and journals, and helping to activate the continuing medical education in infection control through e-learning and distance learning.

Working as expertise home in infection control to give technical advice to various health facilities.

Cooperation and participation at the local, regional and international level
The Egyptian Society is one of the members and initial founders of the International Federation of Infection Control and also the founder and main supporter for the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Network of Infection Control, which operates under the umbrella of the Arab Medical Union and the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of World Health Organization.

The Society cooperates with the authorities and national institutions, the Society members participated in developing and updating the national guidelines for infection control, as well as the Society cooperates with the fellowship of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and provides technical consultancies to all health facilities.
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